Review: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Amy & Roger's Epic DetourSo this was a hard post to write. Not because I hated this book, but because I finished it a few days ago and don’t quite remember much about it. But I did promise that I was going to review it, so here goes.

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour is a cute beach read. It charts the summer after Amy Curry’s father has been killed in a car accident and how Amy copes with it. Her mother has moved across the country and expects her to drive the car over from California and join her in Connecticut.

Enter Roger, a family friend, who is charged by his mother to drive across the country with Amy. But Roger has his own reasons for coming and his own secrets, which he keeps from Amy. But before the pair know it, they’re off the scheduled route that Amy’s mother had planned for them and are instead on their own epic road trip through America.

The story had a natural progression to it and was peppered with cute facts about the states that Amy and Roger visited, as well as the playlists that they listened to on the way. This added for an authentic feel to the book.

Amy wasn’t the most engaging heroine, but her conversations with Roger were fun and it was great to read about a guy who wasn’t dark or broody (aka not an Edward), but just sweet.

Again, I read this book only a week ago, but nothing sticks out in my memory as memorable. It was fun for what it was worth (as a beach read), although it did make me want to jump into a car and head out on my own road trip.

So for that: 3/5

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P.S- Sorry for such a bland review. I’m currently reading Sarah Dessen’s What Happened to Goodbye, which I am LOVING, so I’ll have lots to say about that soon. 🙂

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