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  1. Kesheroo says:

    Excellent posts Ikhlas! You fuel curiosity within yo’ reada’. Here are some of the things I wonder about. It’d be glorious if you indulged me (through your blog or a reply).

    1. Can talk a little bit about being a writer? (as in, being a writer even when you’re not writing…) You mentioned a grocery gig…do you people watch in these environments? Do work in your weirdo/fascinating friends/aquaintances into your writing? (also, how does being muslim affect your writing? For ex, writing about love. Or maybe it’s no biggie and mom calls you for salaat and you say, “hold on, just wrapping up this love scene”. Lol…ok I know I know that does not happen).

    2. Quarter life crisis eh? Everybody I know is going through one. I’d love to hear about Version Ikhlas 2.3.

    Supportive Reader # 43432423

    • Ikhlas says:

      Thanks for your comment, Keshi! (At least, that’s who I think you are hehe!) Will answer these in a blog post soon 🙂

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