Continental Drift

In waves of sorrow, pools of joy
Men who are not islands
And girls who destroy

In the blink of an eye
Flicker and flash
Say goodbye

You create the salty ocean
Which sucks you in

Hopeless and nameless
Faceless and forgotten

Twinkle, twinkle
They shine and illuminate

But the darkness consumes
And suffocates

The solace once taken
Has vanished

Kisses of pretty lies
Once loved, are banished

Fleck of dust in the skies
To be somewhere and nowhere at the same time

Melodies cease to be sweet
As the sun disappears

The labyrinth thickens
Painted by the wet tears

So what?
Singing to the deaf
Neither right nor left

Copy the light
Always just a bit higher

Small, a blip in time
Unattainable, is your desire

Floating and orbiting
Lost and forsaken

You are mistaken
The circle never ends
And you are going down
In words you fail to speak
For the light is weak
As you drown

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