Annia is a maid. She spends her days cleaning and cooking for, and being bossed by, her cruel step family. Eros is the prince of the Enchanted Kingdom. He will one day be the King of the whole Kingdom, and studies and prepares himself seriously. After Annia’s stepsister becomes engaged to the prince, Annia’s stepmother sends Annia to the palace to spy on the prince.

Misunderstandings arise between the pair early on as Eros quickly finds out about the ploy, even threatening to fire Annia. But as time passes on, the young prince’s heart warms towards his maid, especially as Annia opens up his heart and makes him experience things he hasn’t experienced before. Despite her feelings for Eros, she tries to remain distant with him, as a sense of duty to her family.

Before the pair can even acknowledge their feelings, Annia’s stepmother learns of the pair’s budding romance and plants a series of rumours that threaten to ruin Annia’s reputation, her chance at being happy with Eros…and even her life.

Author’s Note: I wrote this story when I was 10. Ok, that’s a lie. I concocted┬áthe story when I was 10 and wrote the last word when I was 15. So it was a 5 year process. This was the first full-length novel I ever wrote and I tried numerous times to get it published, before finally and fortunately retiring it on my hard drive. But I don’t want to deny the general public the immense pleasure of reading it, so here it is. Read it, critique it, laugh at it, point out all grammar and writing mistakes in it, the cheesy characters and predictable plot in it; do what you will. Except don’t steal it.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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