Lovely Lies

I am afraid of the dust that settles on things
Of being held back by these broken wings
Whispering and screaming
Lovely lies

Who am I
To cry or to say it isn’t so
That I don’t believe these
Lovely lies

We hold our feet in fear
Of the places they’ll take us
So we invent stories, tall tales, and
Lovely lies

I see my faces flash me by
On buses and mirrors
On mobile screens
Which tell me lonely lies

I spin and I spin (for you and for I)
But the yarn runs out
Leaving these lovely lies

Naked, I hide
And bury myself
In these lies and lines
Which I make lovely

Dig me out
Out of these empty words
On this page
That make me lonely

Liar, liar
Through and through
I cannot escape
Or defy
These lovely lies


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