These Words

These Words
Suddenly appeared
Flapping at my door.
Before I had a chance
To open it
They flew into me,
Taking me prisoner.
Nameless I had been
But no more,
As these words are
Not silent, are not safe
Nor soft, nor still

Words weren’t my cup of tea
But had become so loud
It was hard to ignore
The story in my head
That I was compelled
To write
The lovely rubbish
That are these words
And suddenly I found
The mountains split asunder
The sea parted
To give me way
As the flowers suddenly
And the fire
The darkness turned
To light
As the rocks turned
To feathers

And I feel giddy
So I can’t walk straight
As I stare in awe
At the words that are the
Around me
The birds flutter and fly
And I join them
In the pale blue sky
That stretches far and wide,
So far and so pure
I feel
That I am a part of it
As these words take flight


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