A Letter to a Boy

Dear boy who I am waiting for,

You may have forgotten
Those telepathic messages
I’ve sent over the years
So this a reminder
Of all those dang tears

Remember: we were all made in pairs
So you must be somewhere out there
Waiting for me
Wherever in the world you are
Whoever in the world you may be

This letter is long overdue
And its purpose is to remind you
I am here
Still waiting, so show up any day
Just in case you forgot

I am aware that you are planning
For the right moment
To make a grand entry
But I’ll tell you how to make it enchanting
So please pay attention to my suggestion

First: I don’t want any boy
I want a gentleman
Who’ll stand until I sit
Who’ll hold the door open
Who’ll hold my hand without being coy

Ride in on a white horse
Sweep me off my feet
Leave me breathless in the rain
Feel free to shout my name
No need to be so discrete

Be my knight in shining armour
As soon as you arrive
But also my friend
Let me slay the dragon
So you and me can be we until the end

I know we’ve never met
But I can’t help dreaming
Of who you are
Or imagining how we’ll meet
Sitting on the bus, I am beaming

You are still a mystery
But not an illusion
Give me a sign
So I know you are mine
To let me know we’re two peas in a pod

Time is passing us by
And my messages have gone awry
But my heart says you are on your way
Because you have found me
And soon, it’ll be any day

So if this letter in a bottle gets lost
It doesn’t matter
Because to my heart you hold the key
Forget the flowers and the poems
As long as we are together, it’ll be forever


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