Tears of the Sun

To be somebody
Is the aching wish

Just like the frozen chrysalis
Which looks like a question mark

Pointless journeys
Of walking to the top of mountains
To discover the light has been snubbed
And only terrible beauty remains

To ask why is futile
Because the answers are an eternity
The same as those broken hearts and crushed dreams
Which take the magic and disappear with a puff of smoke

The girl in the mirror laughs
To be so odd as to smile
When the world cries
And to cry
When the world smiles

To be living on the margins of the white page
Empty worlds manifested in a pen
Fleeting is the love that flutters and flies and longs to cry openly
Delicate and frail
Take a breath and watch it shatter

The wet pillow cries at night
From the secrets whispered from the soul
Slipping and slithering into the dark sky

And fear paralyses
Fear above anything else
Fear for the wants and the needs
Of longing for forbidden temptations

And for the shock at seeing the girl who claims to be me
She sees in the crowds
A girl like herself
And an illusion of all the girls she wants to be

Long to leave a footprint in the sand
Like a ghost invisible to the pressing eyes of the world
To be melting under the scrutiny of a microscope
Only to have the walls close in
Around the cage

The butterfly with the broken wing
And the bird of time
Give the sign
And so the caterpillar finally emerges defiantly

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