The Problem with Working from Home

As a writer, blogger, and baker, and baker, I work from home. Most of the time this is great because I get to make my own schedule and my own routine. I get to sleep in most days and can be flexible with my schedule. I know what I have to do (most of the time) and can switch it around for other things, if necessary.

The blessing and curse of having no fixed hours is having no fixed hours. Because everything I do is on the computer, everything kind of gets muddled together. Blogging, going on Pinterest, editing photos, Facebook, writing, browsing, recipe development, going on Netflix etc. just get muddled into one long day that doesn’t really have a beginning or an end.

I recently read an article from Pinterest that talked about creating firm boundaries between work and home, when working from home. Because it’s so easy to go from writing to suddenly losing 2 hours on Pinterest, I’ve decided I need to create a firm work schedule (with breaks, of course). I’ve always been a creature of consistency and lately I realised I’ve lost my groove because of the lack of routine. I end up being so tired at the end of the day because I realise all I’ve done all day is stare at my computer screen. My work is on the computer and so are my breaks. And that is just not good.

I’ve never the outdoorsy type, but I realise that my mind needs a break from the computer screen in the daytime, and not a break that is also on the computer. Because that is tiring. Most people have a transition where they go from their work frame of mind to their personal time, and that usually involved them leaving work. But as someone who works from home, I don’t usually get to do that and my day continues to drag on as I finish watching an episode of Friends to getting back to blogging to watching Friends again to editing photos.

But I realise I need more of a routine. I need a more structured day, because otherwise I’ll go crazy. So my new plan for this week (starting tomorrow, Monday, of course) is to have a more structured day, one that has a clear beginning and end.

I usually make a list of things to do for the next day the night before, so I’m going to continue to do that because I’ve always found pleasure in checking things off. I’m going to aim to get those things done in my allotted time, so that I can relax after. Interspersing the two has meant that I don’t get much work or relaxing done.

Obviously I’ll relapse a few times and browse Pinterest and Facebook (probably), but it’s all about the discipline and focus. It’s ok to do those things for a few minutes, but not to lose focus on what I was actually doing. Which happens a lot.

Anyways that’s my goal for this week. Let’s see if it works out!

Does anyone else out there work from home? Do you have any tips on staying focused?

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