Current Obsession: Veronica Mars

So I haven’t updating much lately because I have become obsessed with a new TV show: Veronica Mars!

So this show has been on my radar for a few years now; I knew nothing about it but heard about it on the internet, like you do many things. It recently popped up on my radar as I heard news of the movie, When it suddenly became available on Netflix, I was sold!

For those of you who’ve never heard of it, Veronica Mars is about a girl, Veronica, who helps her dad in his Private Investigator business. But Veronica isn’t your average high school girl; she’s clever, witty, loyal, and just plain awesome. The biggest mystery on her mind is Lilly’s, her best friend, murder a year ago when her whole life fell apart; her dad got kicked out of the Sheriff’s office, her mom left town, her boyfriend dumped her, and her best friend’s boyfriend hates her.

What I love about the show is the fact that each episode features a different mystery, but they all connect to the larger mystery of Lilly’s death. Like any good mystery, no one is what they seem and each episode uncovers an unknown detail about each character and their relationship with Lilly.

Veronica is also pretty awesome. She’s got her friends’ back and helps out anyone who comes her way. But she’s not perfect; she screws up and she isn’t afraid to admit it.

I’m only on season 1 and I am this close to finding out who killed Lilly! I’m sad that there’s only 3 seasons, but I plan on savouring each season slowly before getting to the movie. I can’t wait!

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