Review: The Lost Saint

The Lost Saint (The Dark Divine, #2)While trying to save her boyfriend, Daniel Kalbi, Grace Divine was infected by the werewolf curse by none other than her brother. Since then Jude Divine has been missing from his family, and despite all the searching Grace’s family does, he is yet to be found.

But then one night Grace gets a mysterious phone call from someone who sounds a lot like Jude, telling her to stay away from someone. He hangs up before she can get more information and this begins Grace’s crazy search all over town for her missing brother.

At the same time, a bunch of attacks keep happening in town, attacks that make Grace think her brother is involved. She teams up with cute, but mysterious Talbot, who is also an Urbat, to try and fight the forces of evil, despite Daniel’s insistence that Grace not use her powers, lest the wolf take over. But human and wolf instincts collide as Grace races towards things she can’t control.

I had a lot of trouble with The Lost Saint. Despite the fact that its only been a day since I finished it, I can barely remember what its about. I think it had something to do with Grace and Daniel not talking to each other for some weird reason.

But for we dive into all that, let’s start with the good…that is if I can even remember it. >_< Again, I appreciated the fact that Grace had powers and was using them for the power of good. Clearly this was a problematic choice, but at the same time Grace was no Bella. She knew what she could do and she wanted to help people. Her intentions were good.

Even though her intentions were good, Grace is really stupid. There are several heavy hints about what is going on, something that I figured out quite early on, and thus it was annoying to see Grace stumble towards it with supposed innocence and make such stupid decisions.

While the first book was still somewhat unpredictable, this was completely predictable. Like I mentioned, Grace starts doing things that aren’t really in character for her, and its very clear why. Its annoying that she figures it out like 200 pages later. Talbot is another example. There are so many times when things he says or does which are really suspicious and definitely hint at his bad intentions, but Grace, as usual, swallows them up and lets him control her. There are certain instances that she doesn’t understand how he ends up finding or or other times when she acknowledges that its weird, but she doesn’t follow through.

The ending as well is- again- predictable. I could see when and where the climax was beginning, since the stage was all set and all you needed was the scary music. There is a bit of a surprise at the very end, on the last page, which was good. Other than that, the evil baddie was someone that Despain mentioned before, so there was no gasps of horror when the curtains parted and he arrived. Yawn.

I’m sad at how this turned out, especially since I really enjoyed the first one and was excited to see where Despain would take the series. I’m still probably going to read the third one when it comes out this year, but I won’t be first in line.

So for that: 2.5/5.

Thanks for reading.

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