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So its out! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my review here.

My initial thought, stupid as it may be, is about the actors. Gale feels about right, but Peeta and Katniss are just not sitting right with me. Peeta is as blond as he’s described, but some of the innocence and do-good-ness seems to be lost. As for Katniss, she’s way too pretty! Just as a reminder, I’m crazy about these books and am also crazy obsessive about details, which is why I’ll never be happy with book to move adaptations.

With that being said, I still feel that Katniss could have been roughened up a tad bit. I know she gets prettied up later, but in the beginning of the story, there is a fierceness about her, something that even makeup and a good facial can’t hide. I find that the actress playing Katniss doesn’t really portray that raw quality. But then again, the trailer was only a few minutes, so for all I know, she could be fierce in the remaining 60+ minutes that I haven’t seen.

Other than that, it looks pretty cool. The rawness of district 12, especially the reaping, is definitely there and gives you a sense of the barren world we’re dealing with. The music is also well done and makes your breath quicken, as you wonder what exactly these kids are about to do.

I also really like the countdown towards the end, which again, adds to the pace of the whole story. Time is ticking away and you’d better be quick if you don’t want to die. That’s all been done beautifully.

Other than that, I just can’t wait for March!!

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  1. Guess who? says:

    I’d like more Peeta, please! I actually don’t think the actress playing Katniss looks that pretty in the trailer…her face does look poofier with brown hair, which is strange, and there’s something about her voice/delivery that’s not sitting with me. I feel almost like she’s detached herself already, sort of like the character becomes in Book 3, but maybe I’ll feel differently when I see the whole film. I think Katniss needs to be some kind of beautiful or else WHY would both Gale and Peeta want her (desperately in the case of Peeta) and no one else? The scene where they’re running is the best, by far. Peeta totally looked like Peeta to me at that point. I think he’s selling the terror and pain a little bit better than she is, but maybe I’m biased! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ikhlas says:

      I never said she should be ugly ^_^ Obviously, there’s something very compelling about her, that makes people drawn to her. What I meant is that she lacked that fierceness and desperation in her looks, which I really got a sense of in the books. The seems a tad bit delicate/frail in the movie, so maybe I used the wrong word. But I definitely agree, her voice delivery is really awkward >_<

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