Fashion at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 World Premier in London

So this is going to be a commentary on two of my favourite things: fashion and Harry Potter. “Do those even go together?” you ask sarcastically. Why yes, yes they do.

Here’s a video of JK Rowling and the trio making their speeches at the world premier of Deathly Hallows (Part! 2!) yesterday. Watch and weep:

Now let’s talk fashion!

Let’s talk about the belle of the ball, Ms. JK Rowling, first, yeah?

Jo wore a light green gown with pale pink appliqué flowers all over, from Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2011 collection. Not one to be washed out by the younger( and sometimes more fashionable) stars, Jo really shined in this outfit. Her makeup is clean and perfect for the occasion. The side bun with the curls suits her face and also fits in with the spring and fresh look of the dress.

What really makes this outfit stand out is the attention to detail. Her earrings were made out of a cluster of magenta and pale green flowers and weren’t too extravagant, but just right. Her square pale pink clutch also matched the pale pink flowers on her dress and completed the look.

5 owls!

Emma Watson

I LOVE Emma’s look! One of my favourites of hers so far, I love Oscar de la Renta’s creations and this was another show-stopper from him. My sources tell me that it was sand coloured, but it looked almost silvery to me in the pictures.

Complete with  full tulle skirt and a sequinned bodice, Emma looked like a princess. Or a pixie. I can’t decide.

I was confused about her haircut when she first got it cut, because I’ve been growing up seeing this girl in my favourite movies, but I definitely like it. I think her hair adds to the the pixie-look of the outfit, in which she looks stunning.

Emma completed her look with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes (which I sadly can’t see) and Boodles jewellery.

5 owls for Emma.

Evanna Lynch

Just in case you don’t know who Evanna plays, its Luna Lovegood who makes her first appearance in the books and films in Order of the Phoenix.

I’m undecided about Evanna’s look. She looks like a combination of so many stars from Hollywood that I miss her originality from earlier premiers, even though I do appreciate her more polished look here. In some pictures, her makeup looks really heavy and looks like it doesn’t suit her, while in others it looks fine. So pooh.

As for her dress, I think the short length definitely suits her, especially since she is one of the younger stars in the group. I’m a big fan of lace and I love the little peekaboo lace effect that the dress has. With that being said, I really hate her shoes and wish she had chosen something different.

For that, 3.5 owls.

Helena Bonham Carter

No fashion post is complete without talking about Helena Bonhama Carter and her crazy outfits! But this time, I was a bit disappointed to see the simple Vivienne Westwood green couture gown on the star. I’m so used to seeing her decked out all in black.

Aside from her funky hat, which was the only pop of colour on her outfit, her outfit was boring and drab. The dress seemed to fit weirdly in some places and it was just not a flattering look overall.

I’m used to funkier stuff, so for that 2 owls.

Bonnie Wright

Shoulder up, Bonnie looks fabulous. Love her hair and her long dangly earrings. But shoulder down, not so good.

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten the sense that Bonnie has been trying to look older than she actually is. At least it seems that way. This is one of those older-looking outfits and looks. Even though she looks pretty shoulder up, her makeup does make her look a lot older, especially when paired with the outfit. I don’t hate the outfit, especially since it is super modest and chic (and vintage Miu Miu!), but I just think everything paired together makes her look like she’s trying too hard. With such a neutral colour, it sort of washes her out and there’s no punchiness to be found anywhere.

2 owls.

Let’s move onto the boys, yeah?

Daniel Radcliffe, the man of the hour or day or last 10 years

Dan sometimes has the misfortune of looking awkward at movie premiers, but here he looks rather dashing. His hair could do with a bit of brushing, but his Simon Spurr 3 piece suit fit him great and the colour really suited him, especially in a sea of black.

4 owls for Dan.

Rupert Grint

A slightly awkward picture of Rupert here, but it made me laugh. Definitely not a fan of the moustache/beard that he’s growing, cause it looks icky. His suit had an interesting pattern on it, that you can see in some pictures but not in all. The suit doesn’t seem to fit him well and he just looks awkward and gangly (as he is wont to do).

2 owls.

Tom Felton

Well hello there! This is a great example of a great fitting suit and Tom rocked it. Another case in point, his facial happenings don’t detract from his look at all and nor does he look sloppy (take notes, Rupert). A very clean and polished look.

5 owls for my scheming and conniving friend.

And that’s a wrap, Muggles! Hope you enjoyed my fashion commentary.

Thanks for reading,


Update: For copyright reasons, I’ve had to remove the pictures. If you want to see what everyone looked like (and what I was commenting on), click here.

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  1. Mubina Visram says:

    Great post! UGH I cried so much watching those speeches. Why does it have to end?

    I’m glad you liked J.K.R’s dress because I’ve been reading some bad reviews about it. But I personally love it, it has a nice “summer” look to it. She looks a bit like a fairy Godmother, and isn’t she? 😛 Emma’s dress was of course lovely, even though that style has been worn in the past by people such as Penelope Cruz at the Oscars a few years back. The only dress I really had a problem with was Bonnie’s, I found it somewhat matronly and not fitting for her age. She usually looks so vibrant and youthful.

    As for the boys, I think Dan looked the best. Maybe I’m a bit biased (since I have a huge crush on him, lol) but I’m glad he didn’t wear black. I mean, he looked fantastic for someone who flew straight from New York just to attend this premiere. I expected to see him looking tired but he was anything but. All the boys looked good, but I wish Rupert and Tom didn’t wear black because they wore black last year.

    • Ikhlas says:

      Thanks for your comments Mubina!
      I’ve also heard some negative commentary on Jo’s dress, but I think she looked beautiful and fresh 🙂
      As for Emma, you’re right again that this kind of style has been seen on Penelope Cruz in past years. But I’m such a big fan of Oscar de la Renta that I don’t care. And I really do think she looks like a pixie 😀
      As for Dan…you can have him! 😛

      • Mubina Visram says:

        Too bad he has a girlfriend. *cries*

        I actually like Emma’s dress better than Penelope’s at the Oscars because Penelope looked like she was wearing swan feathers whereas Emma looks light and airy, or “pixie-like” as you said with that great haircut 😛

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