Spinning and sparkling, you make me shine. Dizzy with emotion, my heart pulses with life.

Your flaws are endless, but so are mine. Despite all the strife, I want to sing from the mountains and dance in the meadows, want to laugh under the covers and cry in the face of the sun.

And suddenly I’ve come undone.

With a flick of a finger, you’ve unlocked all the doors and unravelled all the knots, splattering all my secrets across the shadows of my soul.

You are my Thumbelina, the whisper I carry in my pocket, the smile in my heart. You are what leaves me breathless and bare.

Tumbling and tearing, we shatter through the walls of reality and stumble into worlds full of whimsical whims, fanciful flights of fancy where we are kings.

Blinding and breathtaking, I am spinning and sparkling on the shores of impossibility, dancing and dazzling in the waves of dreams.

Fearless, we fling ourselves off the cliffs of imagination, falling so full and so fast.

When we open our eyes, we realise we are not falling, but flying.

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