Interview with Shea

Interview with My Amethyst‘s Shea

1. What do you think of Muslim fashion? And this doesn’t have to include hijab. How do you style yourself?

Personally, I think Muslim fashion is a bit under the rocks. People (Muslims) tend to be more conservative when it comes to clothing. Yes, I agree that Islam teaches us to cover and not reveal our body. I just feel that we can also achieve that and yet be fashion conscious. Maybe a little bit of color or texture would help bring up the outfit that day.

I style myself according to my body shape. I will look for attires that compliment my figure and at the same time modest. After that, I would just go with where my mind takes me when deciding an outfit for the day. I am really into outers(cardis/jackets) but Malaysia’s hot tropical climate does not really allow me to opt for them. So I would just wear those occasionally. I really love lace and prints. If I am wearing a plain outfit, I would make sure that my scarf is printed and vice versa.

And, shoes!! They’re the outfit lifter! When styling myself up, I made sure that my shoes fits the outfit. Or else, it would sometimes belittle my outfit that day. (haha, get what i mean?)

2. What do you think about when you pick your outfit in the morning? What are the things you consider? How do you consider where you’re going, who you’re going with, who will be there, in accordance with your clothes? What do you think of when you’re shopping?

I first will look at the occasion that I’m attending. Then suit my outfit to that occasion. If it were more on the formal side, I would cut down on the eye-popping colors which I would usually wear when out and about with my friends.

I also am a fan of layers. I layer myself a lot to get a different combination. This is when I repeat my clothes, and I don;t want to get the same look as I’ve worn previously, then I would change my layers into something different. When layering, I made sure that the colors match. And I don’t exceed more than 3 color palettes each time I wear something. I don’t wanna look like a walking clown! ahehe..

I also have killer heels that are gorgeous but too painful to be worn outside. Hence, if I was going to a place where I would sit most of the time, I would definitely wear them heels. If not, I would choose my friendlier heels. Hehe..

Since I am not working yet, when shopping, I limit myself to a certain budget. So I would go to shops that provides stylish clothings at an affordable price. Then in the shop, I would most likely walk around and scanning all the stuff they have, then i would choose a pair or two that catches my attention. Everytime I shop, I would shop for clothes that I normally don’t have. Meaning I buy something new. For instance, I’ve never had a toga top in my closet, then, when I shop, I would search for that. I wanna experience lots of types of clothings and cuttings. That’s why I do it.

3. Can Muslim women be fashionable, chic or up to date?

Definitely! First of all, we are all women, we cannot run from being in love with dressing ups and styling ourselves. Only to what extent is beyond my control. So Muslim women can be fashionably chic according to their own preferences and comfort. There is so much nowadays that Muslim women can manipulate to get that look that non-hijabis get when donning something. You name it, leggings, inners, shrug, short skirts–all those can help you achieve a modest look with a non islamic friendly top, for example.

4. What made you decide to run a fashion blog?

Hehe..When I first started blogging, it’s more of a journal blog of my daily life. Then as I blog-hopped, I figured out that blogging is better when you focus on a certain topic to blog about. And since I love fashion so much, I decided to post my outfit shots just for fun. This Indonesian blogger got me thinking to change my whole concept of my blog :

5. What are some of your favourite styles/fashion designers/type of clothing?

I have no favorite style actually! I am so random when it comes to fashion. One day I feel like going boho, then the next day I feel like going urban chic. So it depends on my mood actually. I love browsing through Japanese street style fashion blogs just to see their confidence in being wacky and different than others. I am never bored with Japanese fashion. But what really catches my attention in terms of style is sophisticated chic. I can see a lot of those from my favorite fashion designer Erin Fetherston. Her designs are whimsical, classic and chic at the same time. 

Check her out here!

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