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Hey guys!

What’s new and exciting? How was your week?

Today I had one of those days where I actually got a lot accomplished. Lately, I’ve been feeling so unproductive. I write myself a mountain of a to-do list but only get one or two things done. Today? I checked everything off! It’s just so satisfying to be able to check everything off your to-do list. Today I actually felt productive. So productive that I have enough spare time to write this post on a Thursday night. 😛

I took a macaron making class last weekend and it was the best. I’ve looked at the recipe for the classic French treat several times but I just backed away every time because it seemed so daunting and precise. But I found a class somewhat close to me and went on Sunday to learn how to make these delightful pastries. And I know you might hate me for saying this: but it’s not that hard at all!

It just requires a LOT of precision. You need to use a scale to weigh the ingredients, not measure them by cup. That already throws me off because everything I bake comes in cups and teaspoons. But not macarons! They also require some specific ingredients that you probably don’t have lying around in your kitchen. It’s also a lot of ‘just knowing’. Like you can’t overmix the batter or your wafers will come out hollow inside. You can’t overbake them. You have to slam your trays on the counter to get the air bubbles out. Your batter needs to be just the right consistency to get the little ‘feet’ to form. You get the idea…

Call me crazy or maybe it was because we had a chef showing us numerous times, but it actually wasn’t that difficult. Of course I have yet to attempt to make them at home, so let’s see what I say when I have to make them by myself. Also, I’m ITCHING to make them again but I need to buy a whole host of things before I can even dream of getting started. Oh, and you need to age the egg whites for at least a week! Crazy right? But despite the meticulous nature of the recipe, I enjoyed making them. It was challenging, and I’ve missed being challenged. Regular cookies and cupcakes seem like such a breeze compared to these.

My brother didn’t believe that I made these. I sent him the same picture above and he was like which bakery did you steal this picture from… I don’t think he believed me even when I sent him a picture of the cookies in progress! And my mom still doesn’t understand what these are; she always calls them macaroons and was confused when I sent her the picture. She was like, where’s the coconut? Lol.

Oh and did I tell you guys that I’m on a diet? But that didn’t stop me from having one every single day since I’ve made them! Seriously, I cannot stop myself! They’re just so delicious and I keep telling myself who knows when I’ll get around to making them. And so I keep making excuses to myself before I have one. I just washed a lot of dishes, so I need one. I’m having a bad day, so I definitely need one. I have a weird taste in my mouth, better wash it out with some macaron flavour. Do you see what I mean? But now I only have one left and I’m trying to save it. I don’t know what for, but all I know is that once it’s gone, there will be no more macarons. 🙁

In other, unrelated news, I’ve started working a new project that is taking up pretty much all of my time. I wish I could tell you guys, but it’s got to stay a secret for now. But know that as soon as I can, I’ll be sharing the news here. And no, there’s no baby coming for all of you who are immediately going to think that! -_- Every single person I’ve told this news to, automatically thinks I’m about to share THAT kind of news, after I tell them I have something to tell them. Seriously though, after you’re married, that’s the immediate conclusion people draw. Can’t there be other good news a girl can share?

But anyway, this new project is exciting and thrilling and lots of work. So if you don’t me around here so much, it’s because I am knee-deep in said project. I’ve had to re-shift some of my priorities as well because of this, so no more working out (it didn’t take me long to quit) and no more baking (for now).

I recently started this really amazing Netflix show called Daredevil and it is SO good! My brother has been recommending it to me for ages but I kept putting him off. (I really should listen to him more.) Then finally one night me and my hubby were looking for something new to watch together, since we have such different taste in TV, when my brother mentioned it again. I finally watched the trailer and we were hooked! If you like masked vigilantes, you will LOVE this show. It’s got a great cast of characters who have some serious baggage, including the hero who’s a blind lawyer, and a crazy sick but interesting villain. It’s not for the squeamish though (aka me) so be warned that there’s lots of blood and guts flying everywhere. At least for me. The best part is that it’s a Netflix original show and so all the episodes are there so there’s no waiting for new episodes. Season 2 was also just released and we’re trying to go through it slowly, because after this it’s waiting a year. >_<

Anyways, that’s it from me for this post! Hope you all have a good weekend.

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