Baking Cheat Sheets

As someone who loves to bake, I’m a big fan of little tips and tricks that make it even easier. Unlike cooking, baking is an exact art and you will most likely notice if you put one teaspoon or two teaspoons of baking soda or sugar, etc. into a recipe.

That’s why I love baking cheat sheets or infographics, which make baking even easier! These are especially helpful when you’re trying to modify a recipe, substitute ingredients, or just figure out which pan you can use to bake your recipe.

So have a look below at these helpful cheat sheets that’ll instantly make your life easier!


This is a great infographic because it shows ways you can substitute pans. Many of us can’t afford to buy a zillion pans and so we might find ourselves in a bit of fix when we need a particular one. But this cheat sheet shows all the different pans you can substitute and still get the same result. There are also some great tips at the top on the difference in metal and glass pans, and how to reduce/increase the oven temperature and baking times accordingly.

Baking Cheat Sheets

I also love this conversion chart. Living in Canada, we use the metric and imperial system (I don’t know why), and so when it comes to baking, we often follow American recipes which use cups and ounces, but it’s nice to know the grams as well. I also like the fact that they differentiate between granulated and powdered sugar, because there’s obviously a difference in weight in those two.

Baking Cheat Sheets

Lastly, this infographic is helpful when trying to figure out if your ingredients have gone bad. This is especially helpful if some ingredients don’t get used as often as others, and you’re unsure as to their shelf life. It’s a good idea to check this before baking so that you can know if an ingredient has gone bad or not.

And these are three useful baking cheat sheets! So if you’re ever stuck in a baking conundrum, don’t fret, and just pull up one of these handy infographics.

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