Dreamer, not Doer

There is a problem, you see
With having too many dreams

The sky is alight with birds and planes
But you are down below, with too many thoughts in your brain

They are boulders in your pockets, birds in your head
They weigh you down, and never let you get ahead

One was enough, two is more than many
But three or four or more become too heavy

You spend your days asking yourself
Where should I begin, and doing nothing else

Your to-do lists have to-do lists
They begin, but cease to finish

You begin one, and then another
For you are a dreamer, not a doer

There is a problem, you see
With having too many dreams

They buzz and crowd around your eyes
Blinding the road ahead, like wasps and flies

So all you see are fanciful, whimsical what-ifs
As the world passes you by, ever so quick

You could turn those wishes true
If you choose not to dream, but do

But the fear holds those wishes
Holds them until they diminish

Until those lofty birds turn into tiny fireflies
As their light flickers and dies

And you find that life was not an adventure
Because you were a dreamer, and not a doer

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  1. Mariam aka Mimi says:

    i love this poem!!! I grew up in northern usa. now I live in the south but I still remember the fireflies I used to catch at night with my friends. this poem makes me think it’s such a powerful reminder that if you turned your dreams into actions, you could be the light the inspires, motiives, and pushes ppl forward and to do grt things to make this world a better place. it’s also very lslamic it reminds me of me the lantern that the quran descruibes, when you become a better person, a better muslim then you are like a lantern that will radiate and make the world and its ppl better. and I love islamic books, so I recently started blog and youtube channle to review islamic books. I shot my first vid, but I’m not too confident abt it will do some edits and put it up insha allah. so good to find this blog and meet you Ikhlas! http://lanternofmodestybooks.wordpress.com/

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