The Zoo

We live in gilded cages
The sun glinting off the golden spires

Crowds rush in and out
Trying to find the most attractive attraction

We wait, patiently, with baited breath
Our hearts pounding silently

We wait and we wonder
Will this be the day?

That we are deemed worthy
That we are selected

They arrive with pomp
Inspect our ruffled feathers

Invite themselves in
Read over our pedigrees

Look us up and down
Ask very pointed questions

To know whether we are a match
To know whether we are good enough

When rejection comes
They leave without a thought

As if we do not have hearts
As if our souls do not cry

We try not to show our feelings
Pretend we are not heartbroken

But there is no time to cry
Or ask why and turn away

For there is another crowd coming in
Another handsome, brilliant man looking for a match
And we are just an animals, waiting to be sold.

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