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Hello friends.

So it feels like it’s been AWHILE since I’ve sat down and blogged. I know I’ve blogged briefly over the past few weeks, but nothing substantial, it feels like.

So I can’t believe it’s almost the end of December already! 2013 just flew by it seems, especially in the last few months.

Let’s talk about the last few months, shall we? I’m in a one year (thank God) teacher’s education program, and wow, is it ever hectic! I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy in my entire life; I barely remembered my own name these past few months. -_-

I’m finally on my 3 week winter holiday, but alas, there’s still so much to do during the break! I just finished a paper that was due this week after writing furiously all of yesterday, and boy, does it feel good. But freedom is fleeting, since it’s finally time to turn my attention to things I’ve woefully neglected these past few months, namely this blog, and my room.

My room is an utter disaster (as my mother loves to remind whenever she comes in), and I haven’t had the energy with school and work to even bother clean it up. It ‘s so messy I can hardly think in it, and so yesterday I took my laptop downstairs with me so I could focus on writing without being distracted by piles of stuff everywhere.

It’s also time to get back into baking! So I’ve had a recipe on hold for weeks now (or maybe it’s months, I forget!), that I’ve been meaning to post, but just haven’t had a chance to edit the pictures. But I will be posting it this week….hopefully. O_O If you follow me on Facebook (shameless self plug there), you’ll know what recipe this is. Or maybe you’ll have forgotten all about it, since I teased it eons ago. Sorry!

I’ve got some ideas for some new recipes itching at the back of my mind and I’m really excited to get back into baking this week and experimenting in the kitchen. It’s been too long! I have baked over the past month, mostly for my bff’s bridal shower, but it was all tried and true stuff that I was sure wouldn’t fail me in my moments of stress. But it’s time to try some new stuff now. 😀

When I first started imagining this winter break, back when the stress hit the roof back in September, I imagined a lovely holiday, which included me on the couch, either reading and eating myself into a stupor, or watching movies/tv and eating myself into a stupor (I like food). But these last few weeks of school have reminded me that there isn’t a moment to take a break, unfortunately.

I’ve got assignments due right after I get back from break in January, and so have to work on those in the holidays. And then there’s the process of applying for my teacher’s license, applying for internships, and applying for jobs. Lots and lots of applying going on. 🙁

And so as I sit in my (messy) room trying to conjure up that lovely, blissful image of me by the fireplace, on the couch, with a cookie in each hand, I can see that it won’t happen. Finishing this paper at first seemed like the last to do on an extremely long to-do list, but I’ve only just realised that it was actually the beginning of another equally long to-do list. SIGH.

Okay, enough moaning! I’m going to try and relax and enjoy myself a bit, even if it means I have to force myself to do it. I’ve got plans to go see Catching Fire today (finally!), clean my room, and maybe bake some cookies for my family. Let’s see if I can do this!

What are your plans for the holidays?

Thanks for reading,


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