Some say that soulmates are those who love romantically.

One who’s soul you share.

The one who you can’t imagine your life without.


I believe in another kind of soulmate.

The kind that comes from a friendship deep and pure, formed over years of petty fights and growing up and becoming mature.

The kind of relationship that develops over time, between those who laugh and cry together, those who remember the good and the bad.

The kind of shared look that is a result of hours of talking of dreams and fears, and a longing for yesterdays and excitement for tomorrows.

The kind of conversations that are filled with half-formed jokes and tear-filled laughs, and stories that are filled with nostalgia.


I believe in a soulmate that spreads love and warmth.

A love that comes from shared interests and experiences, from adventures, both big and small.

A love that results from doubling joy and halving pain, from gifts for no reason.

A love born out of wanting the best for one another, and demanding nothing but.

A love that makes us feel like we’re with family, like we’re at home.

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  1. Haneen Ibrahim says:

    Well said, I think this kind of relationship should also be called a ‘soulmates’ one, lets face it, your brother or sister can actually be your one & only soulmate in this whole wide world, it’s not just a romantic thing. Nice rhyming 🙂

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