Growing Up

Growing up…

it’s realising that you’re not as amazing as your first-grade teacher told you’d be.

it’s knowing that the monsters under your bed and in your closet are out in the real world, hidden and deadly.

it’s wanting to go back to that innocent, wide-eyed kid who only wanted to grow up.

it’s finding a way to care for those who’ve always cared for you.

it’s realising the future isn’t as magical as you’d always imagined.

it’s longing for things that may never come.

it’s watching your best friends become adults and move away.

it’s falling in love with people who don’t exist.

it’s discovering that life didn’t suddenly change when you turned sixteen, or eighteen, or twenty.

it’s the desire to return to a golden past, and a fear of moving forward to an unknown future.

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  1. Zainab says:

    I think there is something very scary and very magical about growing up. A miserable sort of nostalgia makes us miserable adults. Instead of wishing for glory days of youth past, I like to think of all the possibilities my future holds for me. All the new experiences. I close my eyes each night and think back to 9 year old me who whispered to herself all the things she was going to accomplish when she was a grown up.
    And I smile, because while I’m not quite a Archeologist digging up ancient Egyptian ruins, I am still discovering something, I’m still exploring, I’m still upholding that promise to my 9 year old self to see the world as new and exciting and just so very big.

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