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Boundless (Unearthly, #3)When Clara finally gets to Standford, she doesn’t imagine that she’ll ever have a normal college experience. For one thing, her mother has just passed away and she’s just broken up with Tucker, the love of her life. Oh, and there’s also the fact that she’s part-angel.

As Clara tries to adjust to her new life at college, with Christian and Angela by her side, she starts seeing a new vision, one that depicts her and Christian engaged in battle. After seeing the vision several more times, it becomes clear that Clara must look forward to the war with the Black Wings.

Suddenly, Samjeeza, the Black Wing who loved her mother, seems the least of Clara’s troubles as she comes face to face with another threat, one that is deadlier than Samjeeza ever could be.

And so Clara is put to the test, of whether she’ll be able to save her friends, her family, and herself from the looming battle, and whether she’ll be able to choose the boy she loves.

Boundless is the conclusion to the Unearthly series, the second of which was Hallowed. Overall, I really enjoyed this series, since it was pretty original (when it came out at least) and engaging. My love for each book varies (check out my reviews above), so let’s talk about the last book in the trilogy.

I didn’t quite remember what happened in the last book when I started Boundless, but Hand provides a nice overview, just by dropping casual hints here and there, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

Unlike a lot of YA books that stop right before the protagonist gets to university (or college as they say in the US), Hand actually extended the story so that we get to see the cast of characters beyond high school. This provided great dynamic in the story, since unlike many other YA novels, Clara and her friends are beginning something, while at the same time coming to the end of a journey. Instead of reading about stale characters and relationships, we had some new material, and I really enjoyed reading about Clara’s university experience.

The romance is a big factor in these books, and one of the biggest hype factors in the final instalment was the question: Who does Clara end up with?! This is a question that lingers throughout the story, and according to some reviews, they had no idea who Clara was going to end up with, almost until the end. While Hand does a good job of tugging Clara’s heart in both directions, it does become clear about halfway through the book who she will end up with. I obviously won’t spoil it, but I have to say I was slightly disappointed. Because of how evenly Hand matched up Tucker and Christian, I knew I was going to be disappointed regardless. That’s how well both male characters are fleshed out.

My one problem with these books can be found in Boundless too: lack of tension. The plot is engaging and so are the characters, but the books are missing an ‘oomph’ factor that makes you want to keep flipping pages. That’s not to say it was boring, but for me, the story lacked the dramatic tension and climax that I’ve come to expect from final books in series. There was no sense of urgency or a feeling that things could never go back to the way they were.

With that being said, I still really enjoyed Boundless, and the Unearthly series. It’s a cute, fun, and entertaining series.

So for that: 3.5/5.

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  1. Natalie says:

    I heard a lot of mixed feelings about this series so I never bothered picking it up before. Your positive reviews has me reconsidering whether or not I want to read it now! The concept sounds interesting, but the lack of dramatic tension is what’s holding me back….
    Natalie recently posted…Book Review: Life After LifeMy Profile

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