10 Totally Random (and Useless) Facts About Me

So my friend Chelsey just did a post on her blog about 10 random facts about herself, so I decided to borrow her idea and share some totally random and useless facts about myself. 🙂


1. I used to want to be a fashion designer up until quite recently. I have sketchbooks filled with really horrible drawings still sitting in my closet. I was quite adamant about making this dream a reality until I realised you needed math to be able to cut and sew fabric together, so I quickly abandoned that dream.

2. I sent a letter to Leavesden studios, makers of Harry Potter, back when I was 14 or 15, asking to be auditioned for the role of Parvati Patil in the fourth Harry Potter film. They obviously never wrote back, but I kept waiting until I read the casting news online.

3. I’m a creature of consistency. My wardrobe is a testament to that, since I tend to buy and wear the same stuff. Throw me in H&M for an hour, and I will undoubtedly come out with everything that’s lacy, girly, and pink. Trying to break free of this cycle is hard.

4. I hate doing things that everybody else is doing. If a movie or book suddenly becomes very popular, I go out of my way to not watch or read it. I’m convinced it’s not worth the hype. I did this with The Dark Knight, until finally I caved and watched it and it became one of my favourites.

5. I like all my food super hot or super cold. If it’s meant to be eaten hot, I want it steam-rising-piping-hot. If it’s meant to be cold, then I want it ice cold, not lukewarm.

6. Ever since I watched Jurassic Park when it first came out years and years ago, I’ve had recurring dreams of dinosaurs. I don’t need to rewatch the movies for the dreams to come; randomly one night, I’ll find myself being chased by T-Rexs and Raptors.

7. I can’t stand any type of physical activity. I hate all sports and going to the gym. Seriously, the idea of it makes me convulse. I bought a gym membership a few summers ago and went a total of 7 times. I was just so bored all the time. I felt like I needed to be reading or thinking or doing something with my brain.

8. I have a really vivid imagination, which makes watching scary movies or reading scary books impossible. After watching The Ring once, I swear I could see the girl crawling out of my computer screen in my room every time I closed my eyes. I tend to get lost in my train of thought as I imagine, so that I’ll start to make plans and ask what-ifs after imagining a psycho-killer in my room. Should I take the stairs down or run to my parents’ room? Should I grab the heaviest book I can or pretend to stay sleeping?

9. Coming from a South Asian family, I was only allowed to watch kids’ shows until I was 18. My dad’s let up a lot since then, but that probably explains why my favourite movies are still kids’ movies…lol.

10. I randomly burst into dialogue from the Harry Potter films. A simple “How many are there?” question gets turned into a “How many are there? 36! But last year- last year there were 37!” dialogue from the first film. Or when one of my brothers goes to poke the other brother, and my mom says “Leave him alone” it turns into a “Leave him alone. Look at that Potter, got yourself a girlfriend. Now, now, Draco, play nicely” bit from the second film.

Wow, writing that was a lot harder than I imagined! It turns out I’m not as interesting as I thought I was. 😛

If you have a blog, go on and share 10 random things about yourself. Or feel free to comment below and let me know something completely random about yourself. 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Haneen Ibrahim says:

    1- Haha me too, but it was more of a hobby to me, I still want to pursue it in the future, although I’m not a fan of the math thing too.
    4- hmm, to a degree me too 😐
    7- what?! I disagree completely!!! sports are the coolest activities to do. like EVER! lol
    8- Oh Man! that Ring movie nearly drove me crazy at least I’m not alone here.
    9-Haha we all are nice girls now aren’t we? ^_^
    10- that’s really fun, me and my brothers quote almost everything 🙂 those who visit our house rarely get what we’re saying 😀

    Okay I’ll give you one random me about me:
    I amaze everyone with my ability to sleep in the most hottest times of the year, with only a ceiling fan, sometimes even without it!
    by the way see the following link, I think you will like no.2 in particular 🙂
    Haneen Ibrahim recently posted…5 for Promises & Upcoming Fun StuffMy Profile

  2. Natalie says:

    Haha! That was all really interesting! I have a crazy imagination too so scary movies are a big no no for me. For some reason scary books don’t seem to have the same effect though. And I always have scary dinosaur dreams after I watch Jurassic Park. Thankfully they aren’t recurring though! Great post 🙂
    Natalie recently posted…Tea Time: Amy and Roger’s Epic DetourMy Profile

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