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Hello friends.

So I felt the need to post today since I haven’t written anything on the blog since Monday. Yikes. Despite my belief that I was surely stricken with the plague, the doctor assured me that all I had was a trifling cold. Didn’t feel like it though!

Thus, I have done absolutely NOTHING all week. Really, it’s like a record for me. Even when I was in school, I’d still plow through readings and attend lectures and torture myself. Now, since I am jobless and not in school, I just laid around the house, watching hours and hours of cooking shows, and my favourite childhood show Arthur (I’m not kidding…I still watch it when it comes on!).

Despite thinking that I had a boring week, I still won a box of books from Penguin Canada and Razorbill Books!

Even though I’ve already read Origin, I don’t mind having a copy of it on my bookshelves 🙂 Can’t wait to dive into the others though! Which probably won’t be for awhile, since currently I am reading two books. This isn’t that out of the ordinary, but I have a few more on hold at the library, so I’m probably going to try to get through those before I turn my attention to these.

I also didn’t get any writing done this week, which is annoying, since I was on a roll last Friday, but then forgot my ideas because of The Cold. Grrrr! I’m hoping I can brainstorm some ideas this weekend to get back into gear by Monday!

This week, my cousin got an ipad, and now I can see my darling nephew every single day on Skype! This is awesome because I didn’t actually have to move from my chair and there was no danger of making him sick. For once, technology is on my side… Anyway, my nephew is two and a half months now and is finally starting to recognize us and respond to our voices. Sounds cheesy, but it honestly feels like he was just born yesterday!

Hmm, what else do I have to share with you guys? It’s finally getting colder around here, so all I think about eating is totally unhealthy comfort food, like macaroni and cheese and pot pies. Not only that, I’m obsessed with making the perfect apple pie from scratch. I did make an amazing pie a few years ago, but I don’t remember which recipe I used. Until I figure out the best recipe, I’ll keep making these mini versions out of puff pastry instead.

In order for me not to completely useless yesterday, I also updated my ‘About‘ page. It kind of sounded like a cover letter before, so I changed it up a bit. Check it out if you’re so inclined 🙂

Oh, and J.K Rowling’s newest adult book The Casual Vacancy published this week, or yesterday to be more precise. Am I the only one who is not that excited about reading this? Unlike with HP, I did not rush out at midnight to buy the book. After the plot and cover were released, my interest waned even more. Am I a bad fan? Is it sad that I feel like I’ll have to force myself to read it, because it’s Jo? Am I thinking too much about this? Wait, don’t answer that…

Well, that’s all I have to share with you for now. Wow, writing this was really hard, given how brain-dead I have been all week. -_- Hopefully this cold is gone soon and then I can get back to writing some interesting posts for you all 🙂

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and weekend!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Chelsey says:

    What a neat box set! They all look fab! Hope you enjoy =).

    Also.. mmmm delicious foooood! Halloween is coming too! Ooooo! Can I request a recipe with pumpkin in it?! Perhaps? lol..

    I’m curious about JKR too .. but I do think I will be giving the book a try. I hope you do too because I’d love to read your review =).

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