Book Haul!

So I ordered some books on Sunday, and before I could stare too much at the total and before my mom could walk in, I clicked submit!

I’m not a very patient person, so I kept checking on Monday, then yesterday and then all morning today for the status updates that Indigo provides when you order something, to see when my books would finally reach me, and they came this afternoon!

Aren’t they beautiful?!

I haven’t bought myself books in quite some time, so on Sunday, I decided to treat myself to some books that I’d been drooling over for quite some time.

The Little Lady Agency

Ok, so The Little Lady Agency is one that was recently recommended to me by a friend, who has also recently discovered Goodreads and has promptly fallen in love with it (hi, Ravneet!). It’s recommended for fans of Shopaholic, and what’s more, Sophie Kinsella is quoted on the cover! I don’t read a lot of ‘beach reads’, but since I am going on vacation in June, I figured I needed a beach read. I mean, it’s practically the law! (or so I told myself as I squinted at the total amount).

So technically, I’m saving this one for June and for my vacation, but my brother snorted when I told him this. “You’re going to actually wait?” he snidely asked me. Yes, I am (going to try).

Kill Me Softly

So Kill Me Softly has been on my ‘dying to read’ list ever since I heard of it. I mean, just look at that cover?! Apart from that, it’s supposed to be a mash-up of several fairytales, which I absolutely love. Can’t wait to dive into this one!

The Book of Blood and Shadow

The Book of Blood and Shadow has been touted as a teen version of The Da Vinci Code, which for all it’s bad publicity and controversies, I loved. It’s also gotten some great reviews, for being chock-full of mystery, romance, and intrigue, so I can’t wait to see if it lives up to expectations!

Masque of the Red Death

Another gorgeous cover! The Masque of the Red Death sounds spooky and creepy, and is also apparently both Victorian-inspired and dystopian. Might sound weird to some people, but sounds downright awesome to me! My friend Chelsey and I are going to read it at the same time (a sort of online book club, if you will), so look forward to both our reviews/updates! 🙂

I had to force myself to stop there, because even though I have a job now, I haven’t exactly been paid yet. Currently, I’m also salivating over Sophia Kinsella’s new I’ve Got Your Number (another fun vacation read!) and the new, gorgeous paperback version of Alma Katsu’s The Taker, which I know I want on my bookshelf. It doesn’t help that I walk by them every day at Wal-Mart or that they’re both 40% off (as per Wal-Mart’s book policy) or that I get an additional discount (as per employee policy).

I've Got Your Number The Taker

I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist, but maybe this small stack will help me pace myself before I succumb to book temptation?

But then again, who am I kidding! I’ll have them done within a week!

Hope you’re all enjoying your week 🙂


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  1. Rav says:

    WOW…you must be so excited! I bet you’ve already started reading some of the books, lol. “Kill Me Softly” actually sounds pretty good – tell me what you think of it! Love your blog – keep it up! =)
    P.S. Thanks for the mention Ikhlas! Yes…I am currently addicted to Goodreads!

    • Ikhlas says:

      Thanks Ravneet! Hahaha, normally I would have started, but I’m so busy with my volunteering, that I’m probably not going to start until tonight.
      Yeah, Kill Me Softly sounds so awesome! Given my lifelong obsession with fairytales, I knew I had to get it when it came out 😀

      Hope you’re enjoying your time on Goodreads! 🙂

  2. Natalie says:

    Awesome book haul! The new Sophie Kinsella book is also on my to-read list this summer! And I really do need to read The Taker after hearing you and Chelsey talk about it so much! I think I’m finally going to pick up a copy from the library when I get back to London 🙂

    • Ikhlas says:

      Yeah, it was awesome! There is some adult content in it, so be warned about that, but because you love historical fiction, I think you’ll really like it 🙂 The writing is also melodic and lyrical!

  3. Chelsey says:

    I absolutely love getting a delivery of books and doing exactly what you just did: spread them out and gawk at their beauty. This is one healthy pile of fabulous-looking reads! Can’t wait to see what you think of them all =).
    PS – Further discounts on discounted books?! HELLO! You are in a good position now ;).

    • Ikhlas says:

      I know, right?? I’ve been seeing that 40% off stick on The Taker for a few days now and want to just grab it before it’s gone!

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