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So I used to do a ‘in my mailbox’ post on my old blog, but I haven’t really been keeping up with this for quite some time. Chelsey recommended that I try it again, so here I am writing to let you know the books I got this week! 🙂

As you might already know, the books that I read are from the library or ones that friends lend me. I don’t buy many books. So unfortunately, the books that will be featured in this post won’t literally be coming in my mailbox. But that I think that’s sort of the point, no?

With that being said, the first book that I’m going to be talking about did come in my mailbox, as a matter of fact! I joined an online community a couple weeks ago called Razorbill which is a Goodreads type community pioneered by Penguin Group.

They have lots of giveaways going on, so I entered some and yesterday received a free copy of The Future of Us in my mailbox!

I can’t wait to read this one, even though I’ve never read either author’s work before. But I am intrigued by ideas of time travel, especially when it has to do with technology. Thanks Razorbill!

The Future of Us

The second title that I finally got from the library this week was The Night Circus, which received a lot of hoopla last year (yes, I’m a year late >_<). I’ve heard some good reviews and some bad reviews of this one, so I’m ready to see how I feel about it. Its been hyped up a lot, so I’m gearing myself up for disappointment as a default emotion.

The Night Circus

So that’s it! Yup, its a pretty slow book week, but I did also get The Taker from the library, but already gobbled it up and reviewed it.

Thanks for reading.

‘Till next time,



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  1. Chelsey says:

    Woohoo! You had a fantastic book week! That’s so exciting that you won something from Razorbill! I have heard such fantastic things about Jay Asher so I look forward to seeing what you think. Also, I have the Night Circus staring at me from my shelf but have yet to pick it up. I will ALSO stay tuned for your thoughts on that one! It sounds magical =) and I’m a sucker for magic.

    I’m so happy you decided to start the IMM posts! Yay!

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