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I’ve been working on some arts and crafts today and just wanted to share some pictures with you guys. I can’t show the things I was working on today, since they’re presents for friends, but I do have pictures of cards and bookmarks I’ve made in the past.

I love making cards for my friends and family. My only lament is that I don’t have more friends to make them for. 🙁 How sad, right?

(Sorry guys, my picture taking skills kinda suck >_<)

I also make bookmarks, but I don’t have as many pictures of them. I really got into the bookmark making groove (is there such a thing?) last summer when I was in the Creative Book Publishing Program and all my friends were bookworms! It was a bookmark-maker’s heaven. Weird thing is that I’ve made so many for my friends and family, but I don’t have one for myself.

These two are my most favourite, which might explain why I have like 10 pictures of these two on my camera. During CBPP (the Creative Book Publishing Program), we went to a bookstore on Queen St. West in Toronto. Right next to that quaint bookstore was an equally quaint paper shop. I walked in and I was in heaven! To be more specific, it was a Japanese paper shop and they had the most amazing printed paper, wafer thin and gorgeous. It was mighty expensive so I was only able to grab some end pieces from the discount bin, but was so happy I was able to make some bookmarks for some classmates.

These are my usual bookmarks, the ones I make with scrapbook paper, lace, ribbon, pearls and gems. What do you think?

I also made a scrapbook for my best friend on her birthday in November, which is my absolute favourite thing I’ve ever made, hands-down.

(Please don’t judge me for the copy of New Moon on my bookshelf LOL)

For obvious reasons, I can’t show you the inside, but the outside is SO. PRETTY! LOL. I was so excited to give it to her when I finally finished it, I had to physically stop myself from doing it before her birthday. I was that excited. But it was all worth it, because she loved it!

I have some more ideas for arts and crafts projects in my muddled brain, but I still have to think them through. I also have some sewing projects I’d like to tackle, so keep your eyes peeled for when I finally a) make them and b) post pictures of them.

Thanks so much for reading!

‘Till next time,





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