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So yesterday was a bonus HFW (Hijabi Fashion Week) day in honour of Palestine. I didn’t exactly participate because I found out about it late, but I was just watching a video that Amena made about the theme, in which she did makeup inspired by the Palestinian flag.

She also recited a beautiful poem, which I just wanted to post and share with you all here. I take no credit for the poem or for the video.

May God save the Palestinian people and grant them peace, InshAllah.

When you Love
By Ehab Lotayef

When you love a Palestinian woman,
the essence of resistance seeps into your existence;
you comprehend
the meaning of persistence.

In her eyes you may see
residues of a tear,
but never a sign of fear.

When you love a Palestinian woman,
your heart is tuned
to the beat of a heart
that can never forget.

When you love a Palestinian woman
you love every wave
that kisses the shores of her land,
every olive tree in Galilee,
every particle of salt
in the Dead Sea.

When you love a Palestinian woman,
you love a smile
mysteriously mixed with pain unknown to others;
and a laugh that was choked
when the land was separated from its faithful lovers.

When you love a Palestinian woman
you love a spirit
that inherited the will to stand,
and eyes
that terrify guards at check-points,
in a way no man can.

How can any man love
but a Palestinian woman?

Thanks for reading.

‘Till next time,


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