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So I went to the mall today and rather accidentally went on a mini-shopping spree. It was totally accidental. I walked into H&M, as I am wont to do on every trip to the mall, just to see what was in, as is my custom. And then I fell in love with a bag. After I paid and was walking out, I saw a cute cropped shirt (this often happens to me). And then, after I had bought the shirt, I took a quick walk through the accessories and found this gorgeous Victorian type ring and this pink chunky bracelet.

So I couldn’t control myself. I bought them all. 🙁

In my defence, they were all so cute! As my best friend always says, “If its cute, you gotta buy it.” Okay, we’ve both gotten in trouble with this rule, but this time I really couldn’t resist.

I bought my brother a cool new camera for his birthday, which was this weekend, and decided to take some pictures to show you guys, instead of using my old hot pink Fujifilm.

The bag is heart-shaped! Heart-shaped! How could I possibly resist? It was the last one too, so I felt victorious as I snatched it from the depths of the accessories department.

Here’s a close up of the Victorian-y ring, which I absolutely love and the chunky bracelet.


Pretty, right?

And okay, here’s the story with the cropped top. If you’ve been following my Hijabi Fashion Week posts, you’ll know that I recently discovered the idea of pairing a cropped top with a maxi dress. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I think girls who’ve done it look super cute. So when I saw this pale pink silky top with a printed bow on it, I thought to myself, this is my chance!

Cute right? And it was only $14.00! I’m so excited to pair it with my navy blue maxi dress soon. I don’t like to post pictures of myself on this blog (or anywhere, really), but I’ve stumbled across a lovely blog where the author only posts chin-down pictures, so you can just see the outfit. Check her out here! I might try to do the same…

One of the greatest things about Hijabi Fashion Week is finding loads of new blogs to follow, written by lovely and creative Muslimahs who enjoy showcasing their creative sense of style! And I love borrowing their tips and tricks too hehe ^_^ InshAllah, I plan on perusing more of these amazing Muslim fashion blogs and posting links here. Look forward to it!

Before I leave, here’s a random picture of some cookies I baked today. I was just having a little bit too much fun with my brother’s camera today.

Yummy right? ^_^

Thanks for reading.

‘Till next time,


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  1. Fatima says:

    ohmygosh you’re too cute! i love my mention. and i loveeee everything you bought! i was definitely eyeing that ring and bracelet last time i went.

  2. Bethany says:

    Of course you went into H&M and bought everything! I would be surprised if you had done otherwise haha. Your purchases are VERY cute I must say, and I am jealous of the jewellery…soo cute! Those cookies look DELICIOUS by the way, I’m pretty sure some drool dribbled down my chin. I miss you!

    • Ikhlas says:

      Awwww miss you too, Bethany! <3 And actually, you should be surprised, since its been a VERY long time since I've done that hehehe ^_^

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