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Love Story

Love Story tells the story of Erin Blackwell, who is a young girl living alone and going to school in New York for a writing degree, after she is kicked off her grandmother’s rich horse farm in Kentucky.

The boy that she’s been in love with for years has been working as a ‘stable boy’ on her grandmother’s farm, for as long as she knows him. When Erin refuses to study business to help out on the farm, her grandmother disinherits her and instead chooses Hunter, the stable boy, as her successor.

Erin goes to New York to get away from everything, but things suddenly change when Hunter enrols in her writing class, on the same day she has subconsciously added him into her story; a story that everyone gets to read and comment on.

On Wednesday when I went to see Sarah Dessen, I received a copy of this book. My train to go home was later than I thought it was going to be and so I was stranded in Union Station with this book to read. I read through it on the train that night and on the commute back to the city the next morning. I couldn’t stop.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a fast-paced story that spoke to me a lot, especially with its references to internships, publishing, writing, and the like. These are all things that I’m dealing with right now, so I felt like I could relate a lot to the story and the characters.

Erin’s story was a typical growing up one, in which she ran away from home and became a stronger person, and learned things about herself. I liked her character, for the most part, right up until the end, when I hated her. I couldn’t really condone what she did to get revenge on Hunter, because I hadn’t really thought of her as that kind of girl. I felt like she just kept lying to herself, that she didn’t love Hunter, just so she could get revenge on him, after learning of all the different ways he betrayed her.

My favourite part of the story was definitely the stories that Erin and Hunter wrote, which were presented and discussed in their writing class. It was through these stories that we learned about Erin and Hunter and their struggles with each other.

Like I previously mentioned, the ending was a bit off. As I neared it, I was expecting a clear cut resolution, but when I reached the last page, I wasn’t really sure what the ending was. It was confusing and at odds with the rest of the story, as Erin’s conflict with Hunter and her grandmother doesn’t really make much sense.

Despite that, it was still a cute and fast-paced story. If you’re looking for something light and fun to read, I would recommend this.

So for that: 3.5/5

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Chelsey says:

    I’m glad you liked it =)! I have a copy sitting and waiting for me to give it some love lol so maybe I will make my way to it soon!
    I enjoy the style of your reviews — the good and then the bad/ okay lol. I’m glad it was engrossing and can’t want for more reviews from you soon!

    • Ikhlas says:

      You should read it! Its so cute (except for the ending) but its cute 95% of the way lol. And thanks…I’m actually trying to change my review style, but I’m glad you like it.
      And thank you!!

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