Muslim Fashionistas: My Amethyst’s Shea Rasol


When researching for my Muslim Fashionistas paper in my 3rd year Islam and Modernity class, I discovered Shea’s blog My Amethyst. Instead of feeling like I was doing homework, I researched happily, discovering the different ways that Muslim girls dressed, hijabis and non-hijabis alike, around the world.

After stumbling upon Shea’s blog in my first few hours of endless research, I fell in love. With what, you ask? With Shea’s style and her quirky, fun sense of fashion.

Before writing this paper, I had been struggling with my own sense of self as a hijabi, for a few years. Wanting to dress modestly, but also fashionably, were two things I had considered incompatible and had all but resigned myself to lumpy sweaters, bulky, strangling pashminas, and granny jeans. Until I discovered My Amethyst.


You might think I’m exaggerating (as I am prone to doing sometimes), but I kid you not. Up until writing this paper on the way Muslim girls express themselves and their style throughout the world, I didn’t think there was a way to dress both modestly and fashionably.

As a young twenty-something from Malaysia, Shea has a totally unique sense of style, in which she’s not afraid of trying out new trends, while still trying to make them modest, as well as her own ethnic touches. Pairing her outfits with bold headbands, funky necklaces and rings, and sky-high heels, Shea is truly a fashion inspiration.


Not only is Shea a fashionista, but she’s also an amazing photographer! She takes most of her shots herself (unless otherwise stated), which are full of colour and light and a bit of sparkle.

Here are some of her neat shots:


She also recently started her own online boutique called Pastelina with a friend, which features loads of scrumptious skirts, scarves, dresses, and other goodies. I haven’t yet figured out how to order internationally from here, otherwise I would have already ordered tons of stuff by now ^_^

I also had the lucky opportunity to ask Shea a couple of questions in October last year, officially for the purpose of my paper and unofficially for some style advice, which she very sweetly answered for me. Check out the interview here!

Also, do check out her blog. Its a ton of fun to browse through and get fashion advice/tips, whether you’re a Muslimah or a hijabi or not!

Thanks for reading.

‘Till next time,


All photos are the sole property of Shea at My Amethyst.
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  1. Fran says:

    Gorgeous combination, especially mix the similar colour tone of the jubah dresses together with the bag and accessories. Muslim fashion can be real beautiful with the right mix. 🙂

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