Muslim Fashionistas: Amenakin

Tired of your old drab hijab style? Want a way to spice up your hijab life? Looking for easy tutorials and fashion tips? Sick of all these questions? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Amena, or Amenakin as she is known on her channel, is from the UK and does hijab tutorial videos, in which she shows how to make drapes, how to accessorize your hijab, how to work with crinkly/square/stiff scarves, how to maximize coverage in the front, how to achieve volume, and lots more.

What I love about Amena’s channel (other than her British accent) is her versatility and viewer-friendliness. She’s done a bunch of hijab tutorials, from creative and fun (like theย Princess Leia Twist)ย to South Asian focused (like the Dupatta using a border) to more simple and clean (like the Side Knot). She also asks you how you “get on” at the end of every video, inviting viewers to try the styles and let her know what worked and what didn’t work for them.

I started wearing hijab when I was 15 and hadn’t really changed my style (much) from when I started. Well, I did abandon the pull-on hijabs, which I think are technically for kids under the age of 10. So when I was researching for my “Muslim Fashionistas” paper last year for my Islam and Modernity class, I stumbled upon Amena’s channel, which I fell in love with and proceeded to watch hours upon hours of tutorials, all for the purpose of ‘research’.

What’s great about Amena’s videos is that she’s really creative and utilizes scarves, by folding, draping, twisting, etc., in ways I hadn’t really considered before. Some tutorials are more complicated; I don’t always get how to do the draping and folding what with my two left hands.

Amena also does videos aimed towards new Muslim sisters, new hijabis, and just topics relevant to Muslims in general, like Ramadan, marriage, and even some recipes(!). Its a great channel to subscribe to, because some great discussion is started some of her videos on more serious topics. She also owns Pearl Daisy, which is a hijab store with oodles of pretty hijabs, hoojabs (an invention of hers), underscarves, and accessories. Look out for my review of Pearl Daisy soon!

You don’t have to be a hijabi to love her youtube channel or her hijab store, so do check her out!

That’s all there is; there isn’t any more.

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P.S- I’m starting this series on Muslim fashionistas to discuss/comment on Muslim blogs, stores, Youtube channels, etc. so there will definitely be loads more posts like these. Let me know if there’s any specific person/blog/channel you want to see up here and I’ll check them out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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