Hello November

Hello November, didn’t see you roll in there…

Um, so it’s November 10th already! Where has the time gone? I feel like it was just summer only a few weeks ago, but accordingly to the windy, blustery weather we’ve been having in Toronto, apparently not!

November is the month of two of my best friend’s birthdays, and so it’s always been a month of shopping. 馃榾 If you know me, you know I love shopping! I love shopping for other people (since I feel no guilt doing it), but it can be tricky, since it feels like I’m shopping for 3 people when I go out looking for birthday presents (my two friends and then me lol).

On top of that, this year, my best friend is getting married in January and so her bridal shower also falls in November. I love planning parties, but given my hectic schedule with school and practical teaching, things have been crazy. I haven’t really started planning in earnest yet; all I’ve done is set the theme (vintage tea party) and send out the (cute) invitations. Looking at the date today gave me a shock since I realised it’s not that far away after all and there’s still a lot more to get done…

November is also the month of parent-teach interviews apparently. Having been out of public school for many years now, I did’t realise what a busy, bustling time of year this is for teachers. Report cards for due a few weeks ago, and then there’s remembrance day stuff going in, and then parent-teacher interviews to book. Whoever said teacher’s have it easy were SO wrong…I’ve never known a busier group of people!

Unfortunately, this month is also the time when the time changes and clocks turn back an hour. I always think fondly of these days in the spring when I lose my precious hour of sleep, but right now I can’t imagine why. Yes, we gained that measly one hour of sleep, but lost a whole hour of light. This week has been a real week of adjustment for me as my body and I have struggled to keep up with the new clock. I was already pressed for time before the time change, and now I find myself staring at the clock in astonishment several times a day, since I honestly believe it’s playing tricks on me. How can it be going so darn fast?!

Anyway, this is a pretty busy month for me. So much to do, so little time!

What are your plans for the month? 馃檪

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