Somewhere else

Oh how I wish
I could be
Anywhere but here

Somewhere magical
Over the rainbows and the butterflies
Where darkness lies in defeat

My desires have turned to smoke
And my whims into ashes
Nothing but flashes of memory

Nothing glitters but the golden lies
The half-told truths
Of a youth gone awry

Oh how I yearn
I could be
Anybody else

Somebody new
A smile to attract, rather than repel
The belle of the town

A girl whose eyes are hopeful
A girl who could be loved
Instead of a girl who burned her heart

The mirror mocks me
Laughs at my pain when I am broken
But I am still hoping it’ll all go away

Oh how I long
For a sign
For a heart to be intertwined with mine

But I can’t help but feel
That the crevices in the sidewalk
Among the rocks is where I belong

I am but dust
A nothing-special girl
In a galaxy of pearls and diamonds

I am made entirely of flaws
Bursting at the seams
With crushed dreams and broken pieces

Oh how I hope
Is a better day.


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