Whoa, slow down!

Hi everyone,

So I’ve had a bit of a crazy day, one in which I tried to do several things, but didn’t really get much done, thus leading to a lack of productivity. It all began when I woke up late today, way beyond my normal time, which completely threw off my schedule. 🙁 I’m definitely a creature of consistency, so when one thing goes wrong, my whole day gets out of whack.

What’s worse is that I didn’t accomplish much on the weekend either. I was so ready to write Saturday morning, my head bursting with ideas, but as usual, I got caught up with family stuff.

Its not that I didn’t have time to write…I just ended up downloading/buying that writing program I mentioned last time, Scrivener, and thus spent the majority of my free time playing around on it and trying to figure it out. All I gotta say is: if you’re a writer, or a grad student who needs to write a dissertation, definitely check this program out!

So after waking up late today, my whole writing groove was thrown off and I just sat in my usual spot, flipping through Goodreads, Polyvore and numerous Youtube tabs.

I’m planning a Valentine’s Day party for my friends (so excited!) and so was googling/youtubing recipes and ideas for little party favours. Yesterday I stumbled on this video which shows you how to make envelopes and I just kept googling different styles of handmade envelopes, which I feel like I should have looked up years ago, considering how I make my own cards.

I didn’t make these, but I’m trying to learn how!


Then my aunt came to visit, and since I had her over, I started pestering her with questions about sewing and designing this skirt I had in mind, since she’s a designer. Several hours later, I have my skirt!

It took us awhile, especially since I’m trying to learn how to sew, but the effort was so worth it. Just like any cookie or pie, it gives me so much satisfaction to see the end product and know that I made it. 🙂

I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet, but I will soon. Stay tuned for more sewing projects!

In book news, I haven’t been reading too much, since the book I am reading is a slow and steady type of read, instead of a un-put-down-able read. I actually love this, since the un-put-down-ables can be exhausting (especially if you read them one after another), since I literally can’t put them down and just lie about and read and get no writing done. So this way, I’m able to savour the fairy-tale type setting of Entwined, without feeling I have to read just one more chapter. Hehe ^_^

EntwinedLook at that cover! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Anyways that was my crazy Monday…how has your Monday been?

Thanks for reading.

‘Till next time,


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