H&M Conscious Collection Fall 2011

I know H&M’s Fall Concious Collection has come and gone already, and that it seems kind of late to do a post about this, but I still just wanted to share with everyone the gorgeous pieces they had this fall.

H&M launched this collection earlier this year with their Spring/Summer Conscious collection which was filled with white, airy and light pieces which screamed summer. For the Fall collection, they switched it up with more ladylike and graceful pieces.

I am absolutely in love with the print and think its so gorgeous and very appropriate for fall. It just reminds me of shorter days, crunchier leaves, and longer time spent by the fireplace. But these clothes are obviously not for lounging.

When they didn’t work with rich reds and greens and golds, their pallet consisted of nudes and beiges, with a serving of silver accents, a sprinkle of crochet, and a whole lot of lace. If nothing else screams ladylike in this collection, its definitely the lace.

The pieces were tailor-fit and featured a lot of pencil skirts/dresses, which brought a really elegant look to the whole collection. Everything had long sleeves and was super long. Ahem, a bit long for little me, but we’ll ignore that for now.

One of my absolutely favourite pieces from the collection was a Victorian type dress which had fitted long-sleeves, a high collar with buttons going down, and cream coloured embroidery all down the front.

What I found really interesting about this look was the way it was worn on the model. As a hijabi, I wear my short dresses as tops and with pants. Its something a lot of hijabis do, but I’ve never seen it worn like that in the fashion world so it was great to see it worn like that on the model.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t actually end up getting anything from the collection since it was priced a lot more than their Spring/Summer Conscious Collection.

But I did get the bag for my friend! I saw it from afar and fell in love with it right away.

How can you possibly resist that? It’s even prettier in real life, all satin-y and dark with a gorgeous leather strap and a classic buckle. It was a true testament to my love for her that I actually gave it to her. ^_^ Hehehe.

Here are some of my other favourite pieces from the collection:


After two beautiful Conscious Collections from H&M this year, I can’t wait for next year’s Conscious Collection.

Thanks for reading.

‘Till next time,


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  1. Zainab says:

    Love it! My favourite dress is the cream
    Lacy one. Love the full sleeves too. Not a big fan of mega layered looks…if I can wear a top,trousers and hijab I’m good!!!

    • Ikhlas says:

      Yup, I’m a sucker for anything with lace! I also love when things are long-sleeved so I don’t get overheated what with all the layers hehe ^_^

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