Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 4 (Destination)

So as I mentioned last week, its Hijabi Fashion Week this week! It runs from Nov 27th to Dec 3rd. Read all about it here.

Today’s my first day participating and today’s theme is”Vacation/Destination.” Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world? What outfits would you wear?

The location that I’ve picked is Italy. I love architecture and I think Italy has some amazing and beautiful buildings, and would love to see them for myself. I’m also a history nerd, and obviously, Italy is bursting with history as it was once one of the ancient civilizations.

Here is the outfit that I’ve created on my Polyvore account.

Hijabi Fashion Week- Day 4 (Vacation)


Hijabi Fashion Week- Day 4 (Vacation) (Feel free to click through the items to check them out!)


1. When visiting a warm locale like Italy, I think a maxi dress would be perfect. I’m a big fan of maxis, because they’re long and loose, without making you feel stuffy. A cotton-blend will help you stay cool and the diagonal stripes are also funky. The design of the dress isn’t TOO casual, and can also be worn to an evening event.

2. Pair the maxi with a cropped t-shirt, which is one of my favourite ways of wearing the maxi. A pretty, but contrasting solid pink crop adds some punch to the outfit, without taking anything away from the design of the dress.

3. A fringed scarf in a similar pink will complete the outfit. I love the idea of the texture of the scarf (with the fringes) hanging next to solid shirt to create a cool effect. To stay nice and cool with your hijab (and not overheat!), check out Amena’s tutorial for an easy summer hijab: http://youtu.be/OR7UiMlG3zI

3. For footwear, I suggest a pair of gladiator sandals. Kind of cliche (gladiators…Rome, geddit?), but they are SO comfy and will also keep your feet cool as you trek through the amazing building and shops! I picked an aquamarine blue to get away from the pink.

5. Finish off your outfit with a cute clutch! I like clutches that have a hidden strap that you can pull put and put back in. The hearts on the cream clutch are so cute, and this bag can be worn with the strap during the day (so its not too bulky when walking around), but it can also be tucked in for your evening look!

6. Pack a dark blazer with you, which you can easily add on top of your dress at night to dress up your outfit and take it up a notch. I picked a dark colour so to contrast with the dress. Plus, black goes with everything 🙂 This way, when you go out for the night (say to the opera, which I would love to do), there’s no need for fussing…just slip on the blazer and you’re good to go!

And there you have it. A middle of the week escape to Italy to see the architecture, watch the opera, and (of course) to shop. Enjoy!

I’ll try to participate a few more times before the week is over. And if you are interested, do check them out here.

What would you wear on vacation? Where would you go and why?

Thanks for reading.

‘Till next time,


P.S- Check out Amena‘s outfits on her YouTube channel.

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  1. Fatima says:

    i love the shoes and the dress! you’ve got a knack for putting together the cutest outfits! the french opera glasses were a nice touch..hehe

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