A friend is a friend is a friend

So last week, I sent one of my best friend’s the link to the story in which she was featured. Her immediate reaction was, “I wasn’t gaped toothed! Was I?” After I assured that I had indeed embellished certain details, she told me she was going to write me a little story about our friendship.

It’s really sweet and I just wanted to share it because it brought a big ol’ goofy smile to my lips. Thanks Zainab! (And just in case you’re curious, this is my childhood friend who was going to audition for the role of Luna Lovegood. With a blond wig).

Two Girls. Two Ladies.

One quiet, the other loud.

One shy the other boisterous.

Bickered young, bickered when they’re older.

One is abound in skirts and florals, fantasy books and butterflies. Smiles shyly, and looks quickly away when boys take notice. Her bag is often littered with pinks and words. Her laugh starts off cautiously then reverberates and is open mouthed and brilliant; shines like light through crystals. She patiently waits for knights in shining armour, and the day she’ll wear a princess dress. The knight will kiss her hands and look at her with adoration. Her steps are sure footed, a knowledge of where she is going next that makes others envious. Deeply kohled eyes and thick lashes, tanned skin and a confident smile.

One gravitates toward skinny jeans and tight dresses, high heels. Her conversation bubbles forth, and she unabashedly flirts for free coffees to free train tickets. Her eyes glitter artificially, and her bag is full of plastic sparkle (she often feels her personality is like this too). Her laugh is silent, quiet. Smiles don’t quite extend to her eyes; but she likes fantasies too and hardened London realities. Pale skin, made up eyes and pink lips. She doesn’t smile, but smirk. She patiently waits for an unwitting sap who’ll helplessly fall in love with her, and she will abide him so long as he stays.

And yet two individuals so decidedly different, yet still so close. Friends out of habit? No. Friends because they want too be, perhaps. Friends because God willed it this way. Hopefully.

One is her, the other is me. 

Can you tell which one is me? It brought tears to my eyes, just reading how spot on she was with my description.

She also has a blog, about writing and photography, so check her out!

That’s all there is; there isn’t any more.

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